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The War Store is a full service center for airsoft guns. We repair, upgrade, and downgrade guns, as well as performing custom fabrication and modification. Our airsoft technicians are highly trained with many years of experience each, and we have customers all over the country.

We are an authorized service center for many of the major manufacturers and perform refurbishing work for three of the largest distributors.

Our rates:

Airsoft technician labor rate is $30/hour.

If you purchased your gun at The War Store, your gun will not only receive higher priority in the tech queue, but often small fixes are little or no charge. This is just one of the ways we reward our loyal customers.

Technical time is billed in quarter hour increments.

The process:

Bring your gun into The War Store for us to examine. If broken, our expert sales staff will look at your gun and do their best to triage your equipment. (Minor fixes might be resolved at the counter if sales staff is not busy with other customers. Major fixes or upgrades will rarely be performed at the counter or on the spot; expect to leave your gun for any major service.)

When you bring your gun in to have a problem diagnosed, bring everything! Gun, all batteries, charger, BB's, mags....everything! Quite often your gun problem may actually be related to, or caused by, one of your other components. Having all your items on hand greatly helps us diagnose the problem you may be encountering.

If you have a more complex problem, or are planning an upgrade, downgrade, or custom work, we will discuss the details of your project and your gun will be checked in to be serviced by the techs.

We will do our best to give you an initial rough quote for the work needed. Since many problems are internal and can't be fully diagnosed until the gun is torn down, this is a "best guess" until the situation is fully revealed. You are committing to one hour of labor (in most cases) when you drop your gun off. If the repair will require more time or requires parts, the technician will stop and call you with a quote for any time or materials required above the first hour of labor. (If the fix is minor, or requires no parts, the tech will simply fix the issue and you will get charged less labor than originally thought.) Average tech time for most common repairs and upgrades is about an hour.

You will receive a claim check for your property. Please fill out the service tag VERY legibly so there is no confusion as to your phone number and/or email address on the tag. Make SURE you have voice mail set up or an answering machine available if the technician calls and you do not answer. If the tech calls and he cannot leave a message, or you do not return a call promptly, your project will be set aside and delayed while the tech moves on to other work.

If you agree to the quotation, the tech will then proceed with the work. The tech may offer options for you to consider. Generally, our advice is, if ever the cost of repairs reaches about half the value of the gun, it's probably not worth fixing; put that money toward buying a new gun. Ultimately, though, the decision is yours. If you decline the repair, the labor cost will cover reassembling the gun and returning it back to you in the condition it came into the shop.

Once your gun service has been completed and you have been informed of this by message, voice, or email, you have 30 days to come pick up your gun and pay your service bill. If you fail to do so, your item(s) becomes the property of The War Store to be auctioned off, dismantled or disposed of as the store deems fit, so that labor and parts costs may be recouped. You no longer have any claim to your former property. (We are, however, reasonable people; if you require a short extension due to some extenuating circumstances, please call us to work out a satisfactory arrangement.)

When you drop your gun off, expect an average 1-2 week turnaround time. It varies based on the time of year, but there are usually 25-50 guns in our shop at any given time for repair. Your gun will be worked on in the order that it came in (excepting guns bought here, which receive higher priority). Sometimes the turnaround time is very quick, sometimes not. We are always trying our best to turn over repairs in a timely fashion, but we are human, and there's only so many hours in the workday. If your gun requires parts to be special ordered, clearly there will be an additional delay. Please be patient. We do quality work that our techs stand behind.

High pressure air (HPA) conversions can be performed on most guns, though often components need to be special ordered to fit your particular application. Our experienced sales staff can help guide you through the process of what items will be needed. Popular brands like PolarStar, Wolverine, Valken V12 and others are available.

If your gun is gas-powered, you will be charged for any CO2 cartridges or green gas consumed during the diagnosis and repair process. If your gun uses HPA, you must provide a charged tank, line and regulator to operate your device.

What can (will) we or can't (won't) we do?

We can and will work on nearly all guns. Our techs are very skilled with lots of experience.

That being said, we reserve the right to refuse to work on certain kinds or brands of guns.

Why? Simply put, some companies just make total crap. Poorly engineered guns with crummy quality control, loose tolerances, little thought of easy disassembly, or made of inferior materials can simply not be worth the amount of tech time required to attempt to fix them. Some companies have a history of using way too many proprietary parts that may not be readily available. Some gun manufacturers don't have offices or warehouses in the US and obtaining parts from overseas can be a long and arduous process. Some guns, like those with plastic gearboxes, are not meant to be serviced.

Notes about upgrading and special projects:

Downgrades for AEG's to meet indoor velocity limits are relatively easy to perform and seldom pose any unexpected issues.

Upgrades can take a wide variety of forms and can pose some special challenges or considerations. The most common upgrades are stiffer springs, stronger motors, tightbore barrels and MOSFET installs. Many other improvements can also be done to your gun.

When you desire an upgrade, we will discuss your desired goals and suggest the best components at the lowest price to meet those goals. Often changing one component will influence and necessitate changing some other components. For example: increasing your spring stiffness to raise velocity may require that you also get a high torque motor and/or switching from Ni-MH batteries to lithium batteries to have the power needed to compress the spring and cycle the gun well. If your upgrade will require other parts beyond what you thought, we'll discuss those options with you before we start. Allow our experienced staff to help guide you to a successful upgrade.

The more you raise velocity or rate of fire, the more you will trade off reliability for that increased performance. There's generally a "sweet spot" to upgrade guns to, and then beyond that it can require a lot more money and/or parts to achieve higher velocities.

The techs have an extensive machine shop at their disposal, so most custom work can be done. Complex projects may require that you speak directly with our head technician. Machining, custom fabricating, painting, Cerakoting and powder coating are some of the advanced services our techs can provide. Custom work can be costly or more time consuming, so a longer timeframe to complete these projects is usually necessary.

If you live far away or out-of-state:

If you live more than an hour or two away from a service shop or live out-of-state from one, having your gun serviced can be an inconvenient process, at best, and a nightmare, at worst. Let us help make a difficult situation a lot easier!

For those that need to drive a long way to bring a gun in for service: it is recommended that you email our head technician, Tom, to discuss the work and set up a time and date when he, or another tech, would be available to perform the service while you wait. (Please be clear in the subject line of your email what your message is regarding.) The techs work widely varying schedules, so this must be coordinated in advance in order to perform on-the-spot service.

Shipping your gun to us is always an option if you live farther away. Package it well and include a detailed letter describing your issues, what you would like done, your phone number, mailing address and email address and send it to the store. Advising the head tech by email (click link in previous paragraph) to let the tech department know to expect your package is always recommended. We will contact you during the service process to keep you aprised of the progress. When your gun is finished, we will calculate your return shipping costs via USPS, add it to your parts/labor charge, and email you a PayPal invoice to pay your bill. Simple!