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The War Store is the first location in the US to install and operate G&G's Search & Destroy target systems! Our shooting ranges use G&G's version 3 MET's (Multifunction Electronic Targets) which feature multiple game modes, targets with light and sound, and computerized timing.

We have two shooting lanes, each with 15 targets. Either lane can be rented at any time during store hours.

These shooting systems are terrific practice to hone your airsoft skills, forcing you to rapidly transition across a wide arc, sharpening your reflexes and your aim versus a small target, and helping you become more adept at magazine changes.

This is really great training for real guns too, especially for pistols. If you are a concealed pistol carrier, it can be very difficult to find a range that allows you to practice drawing. Getting your pistol out of your holster from under clothing or out of your purse in an instant and on target can be the precious microseconds that separate life from death. On our ranges, you can practice those critical draws. Bring several jackets, purses and holsters and drill with different garb to make sure you can get your weapon out and get shots on target. Shooting real steel is very expensive but with this system you can keep your skills sharp for pennies.

The targets are 5" in diameter. For added challenge, we have covers that can be fitted to the targets to reduce the size down to either 3" or 1.5". Much more difficult, but much more rewarding.

We have obstacles and cut-outs that be placed in front of each shooting position if you want to partially block your vision and practice shooting around corners or through small openings. The lights can be turned down to practice low-light situations, also.

Each lane, while looking similar, are indeed different from each other. Make sure to try them both!

A real blast to shoot alone but even more fun to compete against a friend! We have a leaderboard in the store to keep track of everyone's times in each mode; try to beat the best score or just better your own. Just ask the staff to verify your time and we'll be happy to add your score up onto the leaderboard.

Tournaments will be held fairly often; keep an eye on the store's Facebook page or the Buffalo Airsoft forum for upcoming events. Game modes will generally be more difficult than normal and a prize(s) will be awarded to the winner(s).

The store has a player staging area where you can prep your gear and load mags while you await your turn, and where you can spectate from just a few feet behind the shooters. A cool view and a great way to pick up some techniques by watching others perform!


$10 to rent a lane for 30 minutes.
$18 to rent a lane for 60 minutes.

Don't have an airsoft gun but want to try it out? No problem! Rental guns are available:

$10 to rent an airsoft M4 with one full high-capacity magazine.
$10 to rent an airsoft pistol with two CO2 magazines and one full speedloader.


Any airsoft rifle or pistol under 500 FPS may be used.
NO full-auto or burst. Semi-auto only.
NO propane for gas-powered guns. Green gas or CO2 only.


If it's your first time, we'll give you a short tutorial on how to use the system, give you a few minutes to get warmed up and then we'll start your rental time.

Want to rent a lane or two in advance? Just call the store and reserve the time slot you desire and we'll pencil you in!

Private parties available also if you want to book a bigger block of time for a group of people. Again, just call the store and make an arrangement. Private parties can even be accomodated outside of normal store hours, with sufficient notice.


More photos of the ranges can be viewed in this album here.