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Overview: In business since 2006, The War Store is one of the longest established airsoft stores on the East coast. Our experience and customer service is second to none!

The War Store focuses entirely on mid- to high-end airsoft products, from most of the biggest and best airsoft manufacturers in the world. We do not sell low-end airsoft merchandise, nor do we deal in paintball at all.

We carry a wide range range of rifles and pistols, tactical gear, batteries, chargers, gas, accessories, optics, safety equipment, repair parts and upgrade components....everything you need for airsoft!

The War Store owns and operates the Buffalo Airsoft forum and message board, and is a co-owner of The War Zone 18-acre outdoor airsoft field. The store has several indoor computerized shooting ranges also.

The War Store repairs, upgrades and customizes airsoft guns, for a very reasonable rate. We have some of the best techs in the business, with clients all over NY State and the US. We are an authorized service center for most major manufacturers.

All the staff of the store are not just employees, but also professional airsoft players and enthusiasts. We very much enjoy playing with our customers each weekend and teaching the younger generation about honor and courtesy, safe gun handling and advanced tactical play.

We pledge to be fun, friendly and informative, and treat every customer with respect. Our philosophy is to only sell quality products that we, ourselves, would use.

We supply airsoft guns not only for recreational use, but also to law enforcement and military agencies as training weapons, and as replica movie props for the film industry.

We look forward to sharing our extensive experience and serving all your airsoft needs.
The gun buying process; what to expect?: When you come into The War Store to purchase an airsoft gun, we will answer all of your questions, and query you, as well.

Have you ever owned an airsoft gun before? What style of gun do you like? What is your budget? Do you have size or weight limitations? What style of player are you? Will the gun be used outdoors or indoors primarily? Is this to practice for real steel, or just to recreate with? And so on. The discussion we have with each customer helps us narrow down the wide array of products out there to a digestible selection so we can get the best tool into your hands that fits your taste, budget and needs.

We stock only high-quality brands, at different price levels and a wide array of various styles. If ever there is a gun you want which is not in stock, no problem! We can special order virtually anything on the market which would arrive in a week or less.

There is a reason why we don't sell certain types or brands of guns. In 10+ years of being in business, we have seen, tested and serviced virtually every gun out there at one point or another. We choose to carry the best brands of well-made guns, built by established, quality companies that stand behind their products, which use standardized parts so we can service them for you when the need arises. If you desire a gun that our techs know to be problematic, or that uses many proprietary or hard-to-obtain parts, we'll be sure to inform you of that, so you can make the most educated buying decision.

When you buy from The War Store, you will receive a full tutorial on the use, care and maintenance of your equipment. You can also shoot the gun you buy in our indoor range before you leave, to be certain you never receive a "lemon" out of the box.

Your tutorial will include the following: an overview of all features of your gun; battery installation, care and charging; adjusting your hop-up; magazine operation; cleaning and lubrication; choosing the correct BB's; dismantling and assembly instructions (if necessary for routine servicing); how to attach accessories; suggestions for future upgrades or improvements, and other helpful tips and tricks.

We want you to leave the store fully versed in your new high-quality product, armed with all the knowledge you need to get many years of enjoyable service from it.

If ever you have a problem with your equipment, even beyond the warranty period, please come and see us. Often, minor issues can be resolved quickly at the counter at little or no charge. For more complex issues, we can check your gun in to be serviced by our excellent technicians at a reasonable rate.
Address: 1155 Sheridan Dr., Tonawanda, NY 14150             Phone: (716) 876-9693            Hours of Operation: See store info page

~The War Store~

A great selection of airsoft guns, tactical gear, parts and accessories at fair prices.
Indoor computerized shooting ranges.
Expert sales and technical assistance. Fantastic customer service.

Always innovating, never emulating!     Your airsoft pro shop, since 2006!